Seeking your views: Private Health Insurance Chronic Pain

7th Feb 17

To assist in their advocacy work, Painaustralia is seeking the views of our members including consumers and healthcare providers on your experience with private health insurance in relation to the prevention and management of chronic pain. 

PainAustralia are hoping to be able to offer a range of constructive recommendations to health funds in the context of a review of private health insurance. 

They would be grateful if you could respond to any of the following issues by email by Friday 17 February.


  • The importance of private health insurance to you and your family.
  • Why you do or do not have private health insurance?
  • Do you believe health funds offer reasonable coverage for services to prevent
    and manage chronic pain at an affordable price? 
  • The cost and benefits to you of the health insurance tax rebate.
  • What other measures could be developed to help people with chronic
    pain reduce the cost of medical care in a public-private health system? 

Healthcare providers

  • The importance and value of private health insurance to your patients. 
  • The potential for health funds to offer insurance that provides reasonable
    access to services to prevent and manage chronic pain at an affordable price. 
  • The costs and benefits to your patients of health insurance or the health
    insurance rebate. 
  • Alternatives to the health insurance rebate to support a mixed public-private
    health system. 

PainAustralia would value your response to these questions or any other comments you may have.

Should you wish to discuss the survey, please call Lesley Brydon on 0413 990 991 or Linda Baraciolli on 0404 931 031.        

Many thanks

ASORC Administration

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