Understanding the Pathway to Membership

Membership Pathway

There are multiple pathways to membership - this is the full membership pathway. Depending on your qualifications you may start as a student member, an associate member or a full member.

Student Member

Associate Member

Full Member

Retired Member

The membership pathway is designed to ensure that students and Associate members of ASORC reach sufficient academic and clinical experience standards prior to becoming Full Members.

Supervision Program

The ASORC Supervision Program is based on achievement of the ASORC Competencies for Rehabilitation Counsellors. Whilst being supervised, Associate Members need to be working in roles involving rehabilitation counselling duties in order to gain the required experience.

The Supervision Program typically lasts for a period of 6-12 months, during which the Associate Member will be supervised by a Full ASORC Member.

How it Works

On acceptance of ASORC Associate Membership, members agree to undertake the ASORC Supervision Program.

ASORC Associate membership is a pathway to full ASORC membership and ensures quality of ASORC membersThe length of supervision required is determined by the ASORC Membership Sub-Committee at the time of membership approval. The Associate Member will be advised by ASORC of the required period of supervision.

It is the member's responsibility to identify a supervisor who must be a Full Member of ASORC. In some cases ASORC National Office may be able to assist in securing a supervisor. Once a suitable supervisor has been located and agrees to provide supervision, the ASORC Associate Member should complete the Supervision Program Agreement.

Whilst completing the ASORC Competencies Assessment Form, the Supervisor and the Associate Member make an assessment of the member's competence against the ASORC Competencies for Rehabilitation Counsellors.

There are no additional fees to upgrade your membership from Associate to Full Member.

More information on the ASORC Supervision Program