Committees & Working Groups

The ASORC Board may, at times establish Committees, Sub Committees, Working Groups and Communities of Practice to enable the Directors to consider specific matters in detail.

Committees are independent of the Board with the CEO and external expert representatives.

Sub committees typically exist on an annual basis and are usually chaired by a Board member.

Working groups have various lifespans and are set up on a needs basis and are closed once the needs are met, eg completing a submission.

Communities of Practice are a group of ASORC members who share a concern or a passion for issues relevant to the community of practice, and through regular interaction seek to discuss the current issues and trends, share their knowledge and where appropriate provide solutions.

2022–23 Committees

  • ASORC University Accreditation Committee
  • Ethics and Complaints Committee

2022-23 ASORC Sub-Committees

  • Governance Sub-Committee
  • Risk Management Sub-Committee
  • Finance and Audit Sub-Committee
  • Membership and Supervision Sub Committee

2022-23 Working Groups

  • Forensic Vocational Assessment

2022-23 Communities of Practice

  • The Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)
  • Insurance and Forensic Vocational Assessment (FVA)
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIs) & Disability Employment Service (DES)
  • Mental Health

If you are in a position to support the profession by being actively involved at a State or National level, we would welcome your assistance. Please contact National Office to provide your details or to find out more information