Apply for Membership

How to apply for Full or Associate membership

  1. Complete the ASORC Membership Application & pay the application and membership fees online . Payment is required before your application is processed. The application fee is not refundable if your application is unsuccessful.
  2. In the ASORC Member Dashboard upload the following documents:
    1. National Police Check.
    2. Your CV. Ensure your CV (Resume) is up-to-date with duty statements or position descriptions. Your CV should include comprehensive details of any relevant employment experience in the rehabilitation counselling industry and highlight your specific Rehabilitation Counselling skills and experience. 
    3. Have your qualifications certified by an Authorised Witness. Your qualifications must be official transcripts (including AQF rating) and show the date the degree was awarded/conferred and list of subjects completed. If you are unable to obtain official transcripts you will need a letter directly from your faculty stating you have completed the course*, or electronic PIN protected official transcripts. If your qualification is from an overseas university, please see additional requirements on our Overseas Qualifications page.
    4. Additional information if your qualification is from an overseas university
  3. Complete the ASORC Competencies Self-Assessment Form.

* ASORC does not accept unfinished or incomplete degrees/qualifications. Transcripts will only be accepted once the course has been completed.

Fast tracked applications

If an urgent response to your application for ASORC membership is required, a fast tracked application can be arranged (not available from mid December to end of January). Additional fees apply. Please contact National Office on 1800 643 155 or email: for further information. There is no refund should your application be unsuccessful.

Outcome of your application

You will be advised of the outcome of your application within four weeks of receipt of all documentation. Please note, if you do not submit the correct documentation your application may be significantly delayed.

ASORC has an absolute discretion on acceptance or rejection of applications, without the provision of reasons (ASORC Constitution) so please ensure that you have reviewed the Am I eligible to join page prior to applying.

How to apply for Student membership

  1. Complete the ASORC Student Membership Application
  2. Upload Proof of current enrolment in a tertiary institution

If you require any further information, please contact our National Office on 1800 643 155 or email: