Careers in Rehabilitation Counselling

Rehabilitation Counsellors are committed to facilitating personal, social and economic independence of individuals with disabilities.

In fulfilling this commitment, Rehabilitation Counsellors work with people, programs, institutions, and service delivery systems.

Rehabilitation Counsellors may be called upon to provide counselling; evaluation of social, medical, vocational, and psychiatric information; job placement and job development services; and other rehabilitation services, and do so in a manner that is consistent with their education and experience.

Moreover, Rehabilitation Counsellors also must demonstrate adherence to ethical standards and must ensure that the standards are enforced vigorously.

Please note there is a clear distinction between a Rehabilitation Counsellor and Rehabilitation Consultant.

Employers of Rehabilitation Counsellors

Rehabilitation counsellors work in a broad range of settings in the labour market. Rehabilitation Counsellors may work in teams or as independent practitioners. The demand for rehabilitation counsellors is strong and there is frequently a shortfall in the number of adequately trained professionals.

Potential employers of rehabilitation counsellors include:

  • State Workers Compensation and Transport Accident Authorities
  • Government Departments and instrumentalities
  • Private Rehabilitation Services
  • Workshops and vocational training programs
  • Companies with employer based rehabilitation services
  • Insurance companies
  • Disability specific agencies both public and private
  • Private practice

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