Professional Supervision Program Endorsement

Many Workplace Rehabilitation Providers (WRP) participate in the ASORC Professional Supervision Program (APSP) to support the professional growth and development of Associate Members. To ensure a workplace rehabilitation provider meets the expected high-quality standards of supervision, ASORC has developed the ASORC Professional Supervision Framework. In order to meet these expectations, a workplace rehabilitation provider providing ASORC members with supervision, is offered an opportunity to apply for ASORC Professional Supervision Program Endorsement.

Endorsement is an important acknowledgement that recognises Workplace Rehabilitation Providers who are delivering high standards of supervision for Associate members of ASORC, to achieve the competencies for practicing as a Rehabilitation Counsellor. Supervision under the APSP must reflect both current practice and industry requirements, while providing a depth and breadth of experience to enable the member to develop the skills and knowledge required of a Rehabilitation Counsellor.

Current WRP with ASORC Professional Supervision Program endorsement

APSP Endorsement Process

ASORC will review the process used by the organisation to document and address the achievement of the competencies required of the supervisee and the communication and support provided to the supervisee by both the supervisor and the other key members of the organisation and other relevant information as requested by ASORC.

A site/virtual visit consists of a meeting with the supervisor and other relevant stakeholders in the Supervision process to discuss the coaching/mentoring provided, the feedback mechanisms and demonstration of the record keeping for competency achievement and structure for the milestones identified. Interviews with relevant stakeholders and supervisees are also conducted.

The information from the self-assessment and site/virtual visit is assessed against the ASORC Professional Supervision Framework/standards.

A report detailing the outcome will also identify the strengths, areas for improvement and any issues that need to be rectified before endorsement is awarded.

Please note: This is not an endorsement to become a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider. Endorsement applies to the ASORC Professional Supervision Program only.


When an application is received from a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider, requesting endorsement for their supervision program, ASORC will send:

  1. Confirmation of the requirements
  2. the ASORC Professional Supervision Program Endorsement Guidelines
  3. the Self-Assessment Form
  4. an invoice for the application fee of $550 (incl GST)

Once payment has been received the process will commence. This process takes 6 – 8 weeks to complete.

Endorsement is time limited to ONE year and reviewed annually.

Complete the Professional Supervision Program Endorsement Application