ASORC ® has accredited a range of University courses within Australia which, once successfully completed, entitle graduates to apply for Full Membership.

ASORC ® formally accredits undergraduate and post graduate courses at Australian Universities in line with a set of guidelines based on the Core Competencies for the profession of Rehabilitation Counselling. The accreditation process also involves investigation of the physical facilities, the staffing profile, provision of clinical education, level of staff/student supervision and course review process at each University requesting accreditation.

Accreditation is not provided on an open ended basis. Courses accredited are subject to ongoing review, once the period for which they are accredited lapses.

ASORC currently only considers accrediting courses within Australia after the Institution makes a direct application for accreditation.

Initial accreditation and re-accreditation applications attract an accreditation fee.

Inquiries about accreditation should be directed to ASORC ® National Office at