Pain Management - An Insight into Injustice & Unconscious Bias

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What is this webinar about?

In this webinar we will examine perceived injustice, how this impacts chronic pain and how we might improve outcomes for clients through addressing factors that mitigate the experience of injustice. The development of chronic pain in any individual can involve complex and multi-layered processes, and this webinar will touch on a range of concepts including the black box of rehabilitation, the role of language, trust, bias and therapeutic alliance.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define the key aspects of perceived injustice relevant to development of chronic pain states in the context of injury management (Knowledge)
  • Identify cues in the language used by clients that perceived injustice may be a significant factor in the establishment and maintenance of persistent pain (Comprehension)
  • Construct a conceptual framework that may employed to reduce the adverse effects of perceived injustice on client outcomes (Application)
  • Reflect on the possibility of bias, of one’s own beliefs and reactions to clients, that may amplify perceived injustice and reduce the effectiveness of rehabilitation interventions (Analysis)

The Speaker

Kathy is founder and managing director of Amelio Health. Her passion for pain medicine and patient care was sparked in 1994 whilst working as a Registered Nurse in a high dependency surgical ward, looking after critically ill patients, and their post-operative pain management. Her ambition to learn more about this speciality moved her towards Clinical Nurse Specialist in pain management. This led to studies at New England University in Acute Pain Management and a Masters degree in Pain Medicine at Newcastle University. As a Clinical Nurse Consultant in Pain Management she worked with many pain specialists and multidisciplinary teams in all aspects of acute and chronic pain management.

Kathy opened a private pain clinic in the Southern Highlands NSW and later her work in the life insurance industry provided direct insight into problems associated with chronic pain and claims management in the insurance / return to work (RTW) space.

Kathy and her team offer education and medication management for people living with chronic pain, and practice decision support for rehabilitation consultants. As an industry expert and experienced in complex claims management, Kathy helps her clients overcome the challenges of resource deficiencies and disruptive processes to create innovative and operational excellence in an ever-changing environment.

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Pain Management - An Insight into Injustice & Unconscious Bias
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