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What is this webinar about?

Content Outline

When one talks about Vocational Assessments, one typically thinks of a compensation setting or assessing somebody against some criteria to see if they can do a certain job.

In addition to a traditional view of Vocational Assessments, Dr Fedoric, National President and Chair of the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors (ASORC) will:

  • explore aspects of the Initial Needs Assessment traditionally used in Vocational Rehabilitation to illustrate the importance of evaluating the broader life domains of an individual
  • discuss parameters including: self-efficacy, change readiness, motivation, job readiness, social behaviours, attitudes, values, traits, personality, work skills and work abilities, ability to adjust personally or socially, interpersonal skills, ability to set and maintain goals, routines, developing habits
  • discuss the interplay of the medical capacity evaluation and labour market analysis in the context of the Vocational Assessment and how these supplementary services are crucial in completing a 'best practice' Vocational Assessment.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this webinar you should:

  • be able to challenge or evaluate your thinking when it comes down to broad domains that we as humans have and how these domains may have an impact on the assessors’ ability to individualise the assessment and make sound recommendations towards a career or employment goals
  • develop an awareness of the challenges of the Labour Market and Medical Certification in the context of supporting the Vocational Assessment to achieve the most objective recommendations as possible.

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Best Practice - Vocational Assessments
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