Code of Ethics

Rehabilitation Counsellors must demonstrate adherence to ethical standards and must ensure that these standards are enforced vigorously.

The ASORC ® Code of Ethics consists of two levels:

  1. Standards
  2. Rules of Professional Conduct

The Standards are general principles to aspire to or of an inspirational nature reflecting the fundamental spirit of caring and respect which professionals share. The Rules of Conduct are more exacting in that they provide guidance in specific circumstances.

The ASORC ® Code of Ethics is broken down into 8 key areas of rehabilitation counsellor functioning as follows:

  1. General Ethical Principles
  2. Rehabilitation Counsellor and the client
  3. Rehabilitation Counsellor and employers
  4. Rehabilitation Counsellor and other rehabilitation counsellors
  5. Rehabilitation Counsellor and other professionals
  6. Rehabilitation Counsellor and his/her employer, agency or supervisor
  7. Rehabilitation Counsellor and the community
  8. Rehabilitation Counsellor and maintenance of professional competency

Should a member of the Society be observed to be in breach (or potentially in breach) of one of the standards or rules of conduct, ASORC ® has provided information to assist in invoking a particular section of the Code of Ethics.


The ASORC ® Code of Ethics is available for $25.00 (inclusive of GST, postage and handling).

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A copy of the Code of Ethics booklet is an ASORC ® membership entitlement.