2011 Conference

ASORC ® Conference "Challenging Perceptions - Taking Rehab Outside the Comfort Zone" was held in Sydney on 18-20 May 2011.

Download Conference Program

Members can download conference presentations below:

Title/Topic Presenter Link
Secrets to Health & Happiness in Rehab Consultants Aaron Chong Download
Fatigue Management of Workers Brendan Torazzi Download
Cancer Survivorship: An Emerging Area for Rehabilitation Professionals David Strauser Download
Disabled Need Not Apply! Employer Perceptions and what it means for Rehab David Strauser Download
Never Say Die Derrick McManus Download
Values for Community and Independent Living Solutions Elias Mpofu Download
Emotional Health Levels Gayle Hardie &
Malcolm Lazenby
What You Need to Know about Treatment, Claim Closure and Impairment following Brain Injury Ian Cameron Download
Solution Focused Suicide Prevention and Intervention John Henden Download
Improving Our Work Culture John M McDonald Download
Protecting Health Professionals from Querulant Clients: A Practical Guide

Susan Arnold & Kaye Bruce

How Do You Know You Are Delivering Quality Services Lynda Vickery Download
Getting Back on Your Feet Again Following Brain Surgery Martin Raffaele Download
Biopsychosocial Aspects of Injury Management Mary Hawkins Download
Practicalities of Biopsychosocial Rehabilitation Pam Garton Download
Identifying Predictors of Injury Recovery Using Evidence Based Practice Philip Gabel Download
Large Employer Engagement: "The Challenges We Face" Rob Gordon Download
Substantive and Methodological Review of Couple and Family Therapy With Five Physical Rehabilitation Populations Robert Allan Download
The Value of Shared Concepts and Language in Rehabilitation Ros Madden Download
Relationship Issues for People with Disabilities Russell Shuttleworth Download
Discrimination and Ageing Workers Therese MacDermott Download
Employment After Spinal Injuries Wendy Harris Download