How to Join

The Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors Ltd. (ASORC ®) accepts applications from individuals only for the following levels of membership:

  • Full
  • Associate
  • Affiliate
  • Student
  • Academic Staff - Full Member
  • Academic Staff - Provisional Member

The standard membership pathway is open to applicants with ASORC ® accredited rehabilitation counselling qualifications only. For more information on ASORC ® Accredited Courses click here:

The alternate membership pathway is open to applicants with undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in closely allied disciplines such as those with a psychology and/or behavioural sciences foundation.

By joining ASORC ® you strengthen your profession and your future. Make a commitment to your profession and to your own personal development by lodging an application today. As an ASORC ® member, you will benefit from the opportunities for continuing education, supervision, mentoring and networking; and from ASORC's strong and recognised presence as a key stakeholder in discussions at State and Federal government level regarding the future of the profession.

Please review membership types and eligibility criteria thoroughly before lodging an application.

Pro-rata membership fees may apply if joining part-way through our membership year (1 July to 30 June)

How to Apply

Online by completing the form below and uploading your documents.

Please review checklist below before lodging your application:

Student Member Application Checklist - You will need to:

  1. Complete ASORC ® Membership Application
  2. Submit proof of current enrolment in an ASORC ® accredited RC course from a recognised Tertiary Institution
  3. Pay Student membership fee

All other Membership Applications Checklist - You will need to:

  1. Complete ASORC ® Membership Application form
  2. Provide Certified copies of Degrees/Qualifications - including transcripts (if not an ASORC ® accredited RC qualification)
  3. Provide a current CV * and where possible duty statements or position descriptions
  4. Other relevant information which would support your application may also be included in your application.
  5. Pay application fee

* CV should include comprehensive details of any relevant employment experience in the rehabilitation counselling industry.

Fee Information

Payment of application fee is required before processing online applications (excepting student applications). The application fee is not refundable should your application be unsuccessful. Processing of fees does not constitute approval of your membership application.

An invoice can be raised for membership fees if required - please contact National Office to organise on 1800 643 155.

Outcome of Application

You will be advised in writing regarding the outcome of your application. The minimum timeframe is 4 weeks.

Please be aware ASORC ® has an absolute discretion as to whether to accept or reject your application, "without the provision of reasons" (ASORC ® Constitution).

Membership Application Form

The Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors Ltd. (ASORC ®) accepts applications from individuals only for the following levels of membership: Full, Associate, Affiliate, Student

Personal Contact Details

Current Employment Contact Details (if applicable)

Organisation Personal

Organisation Personal

Email Subscriptions:

Event Information General ASORC Emails National News Third Party Information

Employment History

Academic Record

1. Highest Qualification Awarded

2. Other Qualifications Awarded

Current Studies

Ethical Conduct

No Yes

No Yes

Note: If you responded "Yes" to either of the questions above, please attach an explanation to this application (including details of the outcome). It should be marked "IN CONFIDENCE" and addressed to the ASORC Administrative Officer. Your response will be considered and further information may be requested. A positive answer to either of the above questions will not automatically result in rejection of the membership application. Each application will be considered individually.

Declaration of Applicant

I hereby declare that:

All information submitted by me in this application is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any misleading statement, or omission, may be cause for rejection of this application or subsequent revocation of membership.

I understand that if my application is unsuccessful, or I withdraw or don't complete my application, I will be charged an application processing fee.

If elected as a Member, I will be bound by the Constitution and Code of Ethics and any other rules or regulations adopted by the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors Ltd. (ASORC ®)

I acknowledge that:-

  • ASORC ® has an absolute discretion as to whether to accept or reject this application without reasons being provided, and I shall accept ASORC's ® decision in that regard as being final and incapable of appeal.
  • The Rules of ASORC's ® Constitution provide that members have a right to access, inspect and publish ASORC's ® records on certain terms and conditions. To the extent that the Rules so provide from time to time, I confirm my agreement to the above details provided by me being accessed and/or published without recourse to me; and I hereby unreservedly waive any right or entitlement I have or may accrue out of such access or publication.
  • ASORC is hereby authorised to disclose the above details provided by me in the form of a List of Members and any Alumni – style publication produced from time to time.

I agree I do not agree

More Information

1. Professional Development 2. To receive ASORC publications/news and information 3. Requirement for Work 4. Networking 5. To keep up to date with our profession

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Member Search Directory

Please nominate if you would like to be included in our Public Online Member Search Directory. This directory will list your name and contact details on our website for the public to seek referrals to your services.