ASORC ® Supervision

The intention of the ASORC ® supervision program is to ensure prospective members of the Society reach sufficient academic and clinical experience standards prior to becoming Full Members. The ASORC ® supervision program is based on the core competencies of rehabilitation counselling. Therefore Associate Members need to be working in roles involving rehabilitation counselling duties in order to gain the required experience and be supervised whilst undertaking them.

Those seeking full membership are required to achieve practical skills in the following areas:

  • rehabilitation counselling
  • rehabilitation programming and case management
  • utilising community resources
  • employer relations
  • as well as more general issues facing the provision of rehabilitation services.

In order to achieve full membership status a period of up to one year of supervision may need to be provided to the Associate Member by a Full Member of ASORC ®. The duration of the supervision period will be determined by the ASORC ® Membership Sub-Committee at the time an applicant is approved as an Associate Member.

The supervision candidate must be working in a rehabilitation counsellor role in order to undertake ASORC ® supervision. Official supervision can only be undertaken by Associate Members not Affiliate Members.

Please note that the initial supervision contract and Supervisor's Details form must be submitted to the National Office and be ratified by the ASORC ® Council before supervision can officially commence.

The ASORC ® supervision guidelines outline the specifics of supervision. The documentation required for supervision (ie: supervision contract, supervision assessment reports, supervision exercises etc) can be downloaded from this page when logged in as a member on this site.