Notice To Employers

ASORC ® membership, due to privacy considerations, may only be applied for by individuals. Applications for or on behalf of potential members submitted by third parties, including current or prospective employers, will not be accepted nor considered as a valid application.

Further, regardless of provision of an authority from the prospective member, ASORC ® will not enter into any dialogue or correspondence with any employer regarding the progress, acceptance, rejection or membership level of any applicant at any stage.

All attempts by employers and third parties to contact the ASORC ® Membership Committee will be referred to the above policy in all instances.

General Warning and Reservation of Rights

Employers and potential members are further warned that no membership applicant has an automatic right or entitlement to ASORC ® membership of any category. No potential member may represent that they are entitled to or qualify for ASORC ® membership of any category. To do so constitutes both a false representation and a potential misuse of ASORC's ® trademark and intellectual property.

Employers are similarly warned against making any representation to the public/third parties that their employees are "entitled" to or "qualified" for ASORC ® membership unless their employees have current ASORC ® membership for the same reasons.

ASORC ® fully reserves its legal rights in relation to the above matters.