Life Membership

A Full Member who has rendered outstanding service to the Society may be elected by the National Council to the grade of Life Member.

Recommendation of a suitable candidate for Life Membership may be made by a member or group of members.

Recommendations must be submitted on a pro-forma available from the National Administration Officer which is to be returned to the National Secretary. The application will be forwarded to the National Council for consideration, and if approved, endorsement. A two-thirds majority of those members present is required for approval.

Life Members will be presented with a suitably framed certificate, under the seal of the Society and bearing the signature of the president of the Society (or a nominee) at the time of election. No more than three members shall be made Life Members at any one time unless otherwise determined by members present at a general meeting.

Membership Entitlements:

  • Australian Journal of Rehabilitation Counselling - 2 per year (subscription price $150 per year)
  • ASORC ® Core Competencies of Rehabilitation Counselling Booklet
  • ASORC ® Code of Ethics Booklet
  • Ambassador Membership Card - offers access to reduced rates for a range of dining, accommodation, goods and services
  • ASORC ® Membership Certificate
  • Use of post-nominal MASRC (Life Member)
  • Member rates for ASORC ® PD activities
  • Member rates for ASORC ® Biennial Conference
  • Regular Newsletters/updates
  • Web access

Use of post-nominals:

Life members of the Society are entitled to use the post-nominal MASRC (Life Member).

Life members who are Fellows of the Society are entitled to use the post-nominal FASRC (Life Member).

Voting rights and membership fees:

Life Members retain all of their membership rights and privileges, have full voting rights and may serve on the National Council. Life members are not required to pay an annual membership fee.

Current Life Members of ASORC ®:

Josephine Dowsett - appointed 13 July 2006