ASORC ® CPD Requirements

Rehabilitation Counsellors work within multidisciplinary teams and it is essential that we continue to strengthen our role in facilitating social, health, community and vocational outcomes for the people that we work with.

As the leading professional body for rehabilitation counsellors the ASORC ® continuing professional development (CPD) framework ensures that our members continue to meet the changing needs of the profession. CPD framework ensures that our members maintain:

  • ongoing capability, knowledge and competence
  • keep up to date with industry changes
  • keep abreast of current best practice and
  • ensure innovation.

Full, Associate & Affiliate ASORC ® members are required to complete a minimum number of CPD hours each year in order to maintain their membership and keep up to date with advances in our industry.

Meeting Your CPD Goals

ASORC ® provides members with the opportunity to include a wide variety of formal and informal training and to meet CPD requirements. To see our upcoming events, view our events calendar here. The full list of past events in our PD program can be found here.

Appropriate CPD activities include:

  1. ASORC ® PD Events / Conference*
  2. Non-ASORC Conference/PD Event*
  3. In-House Training* (eg., staff training)
  4. Contributing to ASORC ® Publications (Newsletter/Journal/Website) (5 hrs cap)
  5. ASORC ® Supervision/Mentoring*
  6. Academic Study in Rehab Counselling or Behavioural Science*
  7. Writing/Assessing Academic Literature*
  8. ASORC ® Council Activities
  9. ASORC ® Subcommittee/Working Group Activities
  10. Presenting/Speaking at ASORC ® PD Events*
  11. Reviewing/Reading Relevant Articles (5 hrs cap)
  12. Quality Assurance/Peer Consultation* (5 hrs cap)

*Requires evidence

What counts as evidence?

Most CPD activities require proof of completion. Evidence may include:

  • A Certificate of attendance
  • Proof of enrolment, eg. receipt with members name
  • Signed Supervisors report
  • Statutory Declaration

What is my CPD Goal?

Your CPD goal is based on the following: (Please note: One hour of CPD is equal to one CPD point.)

Full members: 15 Hours per year

As full members have demonstrated they have met the required membership competencies and undergone supervision, accordingly their CPD requirements are less than what is required for an associate member.

Associate members: 20 Hours per year

As associate members require additional development in order to achieve full membership, their CPD requirements are higher than those required for a full member.

Affiliate members: 30 Hours

As affiliate members will be undertaking significant supervision and structured learning in order to progress through the levels of membership, their CPD requirements are higher than those for associate and full members.

Student and Academic members: No CPD requirement

How to log your CPD Points

  1. Log in to the ASORC ® website, on the top right hand corner
  2. Go to “My Account”, then “My CPD Tracker”
  3. Down the bottom of the page it will say “Add Activity”, click this and select which category your activity falls under
  4. Fill in the details as required, with an adequate description
  5. Attach the evidence where required, please note the system will not allow you to progress if the evidence is not provided
  6. Click “Save/Return” and you will see that the activity has been added

You can edit activities you have added or remove it, by clicking the trash button or edit button to the right of the activity.

You will note that your “Current Goal” is related to your membership category, i.e. Full members goal is 15 points. So, after you log an activity, you will see under your “Current Goal” how many points you have completed, out of the required amount. When you have completed enough CPD Points it will say "Achieved”.

Compliance & Auditing

Compliance with this CPD requirement will be by way of self-reporting; and will be monitored by way of random audits. This is similar to the process adopted by many professional associations such as the respective State Law Societies.

Auditing for each past membership year will commence from the 1st of July. Accordingly all members are encouraged to maintain adequate records of the conferences, internal employer training and CPD training courses they attend annually in the event of an audit. A CPD tracker is available for completion in the Members Area on the ASORC ® website.

ASORC ® will also be taking steps to ensure that the necessary CPD sessions to achieve the required CPD hours are reasonably accessible to members in the course of the membership year.

Please have the evidence scanned and ready when you complete your CPD log, as you will not be able to save the activity without the evidence attached.

From 1 July 2016 ASORC ® will undertake random audits of members to ensure compliance with the CPD requirements to maintain ASORC ® membership status.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us at National Office at or on 1800 643 155.