Student membership is open to full-time and part-time students who are undertaking an ASORC ® accredited Rehabilitation Counselling academic program.

However, it is is not available to students who are in paid employment in a Rehabilitation Counselling capacity AND who are eligible for a higher grade of ASORC ® Membership.

Student Membership does not deem the person to be qualified to carry out certain services under the various accident and workers compensation schemes. A Student Member must not represent himself/herself as a qualified Rehabilitation Counsellor.

Membership Entitlements:

  • Australian Journal of Rehabilitation Counselling - 2 per year (individual subscription price $343 per year)
  • Competencies Booklet
  • Code of Ethics Booklet
  • Member rates for ASORC ® PD activities
  • Member rates for ASORC ® Biennial Conference
  • Regular Newsletters/updates
  • Web access

Membership fees:

Student Members are required to pay a nominal annual* membership fee of $66 including GST. Payment of application fee will be waived when upgrading to higher level of membership.

*Calendar Year: 1 January to 31 December

Use of post-nominals:

Student Members are not entitled to use ASORC ® post-nominals.

Voting rights:

Student Members do not have voting rights. However, Student Members may serve on committees and sub-committees, and participate in an advisory capacity on the National Council.

Once students have fulfilled the requirements of their academic studies they are no longer deemed to be student members of the Society.

You can join online by clicking on the sign up button below.