Associate Membership is open to applicants who:

  1. have completed an ASORC ® accredited, graduate diploma or post graduate degree in Rehabilitation Counselling without Behavioural Science undergraduate qualifications but these qualifications must be ‘closely related’, until a supervision period has confirmed the competency level of the applicants.Or
  2. applicants who have a under graduate degree in the behavioural sciences but have not completed a graduate diploma or post graduate degree in Rehabilitation Counselling but who have a minimum of 12 months experience in a role relevant to Rehabilitation Counselling.

Associate Membership applications are assessed on a case by case basis by the Membership Committee. Applicants will need to demonstrate:

  1. An undergraduate (bachelor) degree, graduate diploma or post graduate degree in Behavioural Sciences. These typically include psychology, behavioural sciences, and some social sciences and health sciences qualifications and;
  2. A history of current work in a professional position requiring the use of the Rehabilitation Counsellor core competencies, for a period of at least 12 months full-time equivalent.

Please note that there is no set list of degrees, academic disciplines or universities: each qualification is individually assessed upon application.

To progress to Full Membership, Associate members are required to undergo a period of individually tailored professional supervision for typically 12 to 18 months (dependent on existing skills and qualifications) and may be required to complete further relevant study. Please see for more information.

Membership Entitlements:

  • Journal of Rehabilitation Counselling - 2 per year (individual subscription price $343 per year)
  • Core Competencies of Rehabilitation Counselling Booklet
  • Code of Ethics Booklet
  • Ambassador Membership Card - offering access to reduced rates for a range of dining, accommodation, goods and services.
  • ASORC ® Membership Certificate
  • Member rates for ASORC ® PD activities
  • Member rates for ASORC ® Biennial Conference
  • Regular Newsletters/updates
  • Web access

Use of post-nominals:

Associate Members are not entitled to use the post-nominal MASRC ®.

Voting rights and membership fees:

Associate Members do not have voting rights. However, Associate Members may serve on committees and sub-committees, and participate in an advisory capacity on the National Council.

Associate Members are required to pay an annual membership fee.

How to Apply:

You can apply online by following this link - you will be asked to upload your CV and certified qualifications and pay the $66.00 application processing fee.

This membership does not allow online signup.