Australian Guidelines for Work-related Mental Health

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What is this webinar about?

The Clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of work-related mental health conditions in general practice were released in March 2019 following a round of public consultation in which ASORC provided a submission.

Esteemed general practice academic and lead author of the guidelines, Professor Danielle Mazza, will present a webinar on the current recommendations for diagnosis, assessment and management of work-related mental health conditions.This will give attendees an insight into: the perspective of a GP in a work-related mental health context, what to expect when the process is going smoothly and risk factors for delayed recovery.

Why is this important to a Rehab Counsellor?

The new guidelines recommend the involvement of an Rehab Counsellor to assist a GP with a number of matters much sooner than often happens in practice. This is an excellent chance for Rehab Counsellors to learn about how their skills may be used in the future and promote the value of early referral.

Topics covered:

  • Tools used in diagnosis and assessment of the severity of a mental health condition
  • Indicators of co-morbid or secondary mental health conditions
  • Determining if a mental health condition has arisen as a result of work
  • Managing mental health conditions to improve personal recovery or return to work
  • Determining work capacity
  • Communicating with a worker’s employer
  • Assisting a worker whose mental health condition is not improving

The Speaker

Professor Danielle Mazza is an Australia leader in implementation research and knowledge translation in the general practice setting. She holds the Chair of General Practice at Monash University where she has been Head of Department since 2010. Over the course of her career Danielle has made significant, sustained and ongoing contributions as a reacher and educator to advance general practice and primary health care in Australia in the field of compensable injury research and as a proponent of evidence based quality improvement through the guideline development and implementation.

Professor Mazza led the development of the Clinical Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Work-related Mental Health Conditions in General Practice, and is now leading an NHMRC Partnership Grant titled "Implementing work-related mental health conditions in general practice" (the IMPRovE trial), which is aimed at implementing these guidelines into practice. Prior to developing the Clinical Guidelines, Danielle led the seminal research that illustrates the challenges faced by Australian GPs in providing care for people with work-related injuries.

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Australian Guidelines for Work-related Mental Health
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