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I am currently studying a rehabilitation course, and would like to purchase copies of the ASORC ® Core Competencies and Ethics Booklets. How much are these publications and how can I purchase them?

If you are enrolled in ASORC ® accredited Rehabilitation Counselling studies you can join ASORC ® as a student member and receive the booklets as part of your membership entitlement or you can purchase the booklets outright. Any student membership fees paid can be credited against the first year of fees when upgrading to Full Membership.

If you choose to purchase the booklets outright the Core Competencies and Ethics booklets are $25.00 each, inclusive of GST postage and handling. The booklets are posted to you once payment has been received. You can purchase the booklets online:

ASORC ® Core Competencies: http://www.asorc.org.au/resources/asorc-core-competencies

ASORC ® Code of Ethics: http://www.asorc.org.au/resources/asorc-code-of-ethics

I would like to study Rehabilitation Counselling via distance education. Can you please advise me which Universities offer such courses?

Currently Sydney University (NSW) La Trobe (VIC) and Griffith University (QLD) offer distance education. Please make inquiry directly with the relevant University. See ASORC Accredited Rehab Counselling Courses for University contact details.

I have a postgraduate degree in Psychology, but have been working as a Rehabilitation Counsellor for a while. Do I qualify for membership?

ASORC ® has established criteria to determine the category of membership an applicant may apply for, including accreditation of a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in closely allied disciplines eg: psychology and the behavioural sciences.

Applicants are required to submit applications providing sufficient information regarding their qualifications and professional experience to enable the Membership Committee to determine their eligibility against current membership criteria.

I used to be an ASORC ® member but have let my membership lapse. Can I re-join?

ASORC ® altered its membership criteria to uniformly apply to all States and Territories of Australia from 2013 and since then has periodically reviewed membership criteria. Past ASORC ® membership does not guarantee re-admittance to the Society.

All former members seeking to re-join ASORC ® are required to submit a new application and be assessed against the current membership criteria.

If I let my membership lapse and had previously completed the ASORC ® supervision program do I have to go through the supervision process again?

Subject to meeting current minimum academic qualifications, supervision will not be required if undertaken and successfully completed whilst previously an ASORC ® member.

Does ASORC ® have pro-rata membership fees?

Yes, but for new applicants only. Lapsed members are not entitled to Pro-rata membership fees if re-joining partway through the membership year. See Membership Fees for further details.