About Us

Complaints Process

ASORC ® has worked hard over many years to increase its profile and reputation as a serious professional organisation deserving of high community and industry recognition and opinion.

As a result, ASORC ® expects its members to adhere to the professional standards, ethics and competencies upon which its reputation is founded. Further, members have an interest in the maintenance of their association's standing and reputation, as their own reputation will in part derive from the reputation of the associations in which they maintain membership.

In order to maintain its standards and professional standing, ASORC ® has policies and procedures in place for the review of the conduct of members in the face of complaints from members of the public, interested parties and fellow members. The review process can involve action being taken against inappropriately acting members, including counselling, membership suspension and termination of membership.

Complainants and members should acknowledge that ASORC ® will respond after appropriate consideration of the material submitted given the relevant complexity of issues raised.

Should you have a complaint about an ASORC ® member or should you identify a rehabilitation counsellor pretending to be or holding themselves out as an ASORC ® member or a practitioner "entitled to ASORC ® membership", please contact ASORC ® Administration office in writing at admin@asorc.org.au