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What Does a Rehabilitation Counsellor Do?

Rehabilitation Counsellors are Allied Health Professionals who work within a counselling and case management framework to assist people who are experiencing disability, a health condition or social disadvantage to participate in employment or education, or to live independently and access services in the community.

Rehabilitation Counsellors are specialist counsellors that understand the impact of disability, health conditions and disadvantage on people's lives, and especially the importance that work and education plays in achieving a sense of inclusion, independence, optimism and self esteem.

What skills do Rehabilitation Counsellors possess?

Rehabilitation Counsellors have advanced professional skills in personal counselling, vocational assessment, vocational counselling, vocational training and job placement, case management and co-ordination of services, injury prevention and management, and independent living planning.

What sort of jobs do Rehabilitation Counsellors do?

Many Rehabilitation Counsellors work with State and Federal funded vocational rehabilitation providers to assist people with a disability, health condition or disadvantage, get 'back on their feet' and into the paid workforce. These services are those that might be funded under such programs such as Disability Employment Services and Jobs Services Australia.

There is also a large number of Rehabilitation Counsellors employed with private Workplace Rehabilitation providers providing services to people who have been injured in a Workplace or Motor Vehicle accident or situation for which they are able to claim compensation.

Other Rehabilitation Counsellors may work in the areas such as Employment Services Assessments (ESAt), injury prevention and management, disability advice, non-vocational disability services, advocacy and public policy.

As Rehabilitation Counsellors possess substantial professional and academic skills on which to build, during their careers they may find themselves working in fields such as counselling therapy, university lecturing, research, management, or developing new disability programs.

Others may specialise in working with people with particular disabilities or disadvantages, such as people with mental health conditions, drug and alcohol abuse, ex-offenders or refugees.

What is the difference between Rehabilitation Counsellors and Rehabilitation Consultants?


Rehabilitation Counselling videos

The purpose of the panel was to discuss the profession of Rehabilitation Counselling with a panel of experts in Rehabilitation Counselling. This panel features our very own President, Michael Iacovino!



In a nutshell...

Rehabilitation Counsellors assist people with disabilities, health conditions and disadvantage to achieve their personal, educational and vocational goals in life.

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