Code of Ethics

Rehabilitation Counsellors must demonstrate adherence to ethical standards and must ensure that these standards are enforced.

The ASORC Code of Ethics outlines and advances ethical principles and establishes defined standards for all members of the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors Ltd in their professional practice and informs the public of such principles and standards.

Objective of the Code of Ethics

To set out the ethical behaviour expected of Members.

The ASORC Code of Ethics consists of two parts:

  1. Standards; and
  2. Rules of professional conduct.


The Standards are:

  • general principles reflecting the fundamental spirit of caring and respect which Members must share;
  • models of exemplary professional conduct;
  • express general concepts and principles from which more specific Rules are derived.

Rules of Professional Conduct

The Rules are:

  • more exacting
  • they provide guidance to Members in specific circumstances

Scope of the Code

The ASORC Code of Ethics addresses:

  • General Ethical Principles
  • Rehabilitation Counsellors and the client and the community
  • Rehabilitation Counsellors and employers, agencies and supervisors
  • With other Rehabilitation Counsellors and or other professionals
  • Maintenance of professional competency

Should an ASORC member be observed to be in breach (or potentially in breach) of one of the standards or rules of conduct, please refer to the information provided regarding a breach of the Code of Ethics.

ASORC Code of Ethics booklet