ASORC Accredited Rehab Counselling Courses

Since 2000 the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors Inc. ASORC ® has been officially accrediting rehabilitation counsellor training programs at University undergraduate and postgraduate level throughout Australia. ASORC ® is keen to work cooperatively with education facilities throughout Australia to improve the number, quality and breadth of rehabilitation counsellor training programs.

The following institutions currently offer ASORC ® Accredited Rehabilitation Counsellor academic programs:

University of Sydney - Offers Distance Education

Currently Accredited Courses - Accredited in 2014

  • Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling - On and off-campus; full-time, 2 semesters; part-time, 4 semesters
  • Master of Rehabilitation Counselling - On and off-campus: full-time, 4 semesters; part-time, 8 semesters

    Previously Accredited Courses
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences (Rehab Counselling)
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences/Master of Rehabilitation Counselling

Griffith University - Offers Distance Education

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Currently Accredited Courses - Accredited in 2014

  • Master of Rehabilitation Counselling

Previously Accredited Courses

  • Bachelor of Human Services (Rehab Counselling)
  • Bachelor of Human Services/Masters of Rehabilitation Counselling (up to 2013)
  • Master of Human Services (Rehabilitation Counselling)

Affiliate and Associate members may be required to enrol in one or two ASORC accredited 'courses' (modules) which form part of the Master of Human Services (Rehab Counselling), at Griffith University. Specific advice will be given to applicants upon assessment of their membership application.

  • 7003HSV “An Introduction to Rehabilitation Counselling” Offered in Semester 1 from 2014
  • 7005HSV "Vocational Evaluation" Offered in Semester 1 from 2014

Please contact the University directly for enrolment information.

La Trobe University - Offers Distance Education
Currently Accredited Courses - Accredited up until 2015
  • Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Studies **
  • Master of Health Sciences (Rehabilitation Counselling)

For more information about RC programs at La Trobe or enrolment please contact Greg Murphy on
or Senior Post-Graduate Student Services Officer - Ms Sonia Chiappa on 03 9479 5724 or

** Please note: To complete the Grad Dip in Rehabilitation Counselling you will need to enrol in the Masters of Health Sciences (Rehabilitation Counselling) and complete the first year.

University of Tasmania

Courses undergoing re-accreditation

  • Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling
  • Master of Rehabilitation Counselling

There may be other University courses that have been discontinued, had a name change, or overseas qualifications in Rehabilitation Counselling (particularly from the USA and Canada) that qualify a person for membership, however these would need to be considered on a case-by-case basis on formal application.

For information regarding Rehabilitation Counselling training programs and eligibility requirements please make contact directly with the University.

Please note that no TAFE qualifications (eg: Certificate 4, Diploma or Advanced Diploma) are approved, as the minimum academic qualification is degree level. Some TAFE courses may articulate into Rehabilitation Counselling undergraduate degree programs, and students may get credit for TAFE studies completed, but the potential student needs to follow this up with the University.